Camelback East Village

In the Maricopa County, in the city of Phoenix, located in between the Camelback Mountain and Piestewa peak lies a beautiful neighborhood called the Camelback East Village. The Camelback East village is sometimes referred to as East Phoenix, this village is one out of 15 that encompasses Phoenix Arizona. It lies adjacent to Paradise Valley and Scottsdale. The neighborhood of Camelback East boasts of an estimated population of about 51, 809 residents. The region is an urban with a suburban mix, most of the residents of this neighborhood rent their homes or apartments. 

Statistics of the population

The male population is about 26,339  while the female population is approximately 25,479. The Median age is 40, citizens that are US-born and living in this community are 44,405 while citizens that were not given birth to in the country are about 3,367 in number. Non-citizens residing in the neighborhood are estimated to be around 4,037.

The employment status in Camelback East village puts the number of white-collar jobs at 24,508 while the blue-collar job is at a staggering figure of 3,774. Most of the residents of the neighborhood are employees of private companies with a figure of about 19, 336government workers employ up to 3,091 while the number of self-employed workers is 3448. The neighborhood has an average household income of $ 96,626.89 while its median household income is $ 63,518.00 this puts the number of people living above poverty in the neighborhood to 43,400 and those living below poverty at 7,410. 

The educational sector of Camelback East village is well over average which is a good feature for residential families and their wards.

Top attractions in the Camelback East village

Top attractions in Camelback East village include sightseeing, good restaurants, shopping malls, bars, and parks. Some of these attraction points include Camelback Mountain where residents and visitors can go for climbs, the Desert Botanical Garden which is located at 1201 North Galvin parkway is another nice location to visit. Family, friends, and loved ones can also catch quality time at the phoenix 300 which is located at 455 North Galvin Parkway. Piestewa Peak is a trail location and is very popular among both locals and residents, so also is the Papago Park located at 625 North Galvin Parkway. The  Museum of Phoenix is another spot for kids to visit, it is located at 215, North 7th Streets.