Central City

Are you new in town, and wondering about cities and places to visit, or are you moving or relocating to Phoenix, Central City Phoenix is one of its hot spots. Let’s dig in!

The heartbeat of Phoenix

In the state of Arizona is located a beautiful city called Phoenix, in the heart of Phoenix is the awesome neighborhood called Central City Phoenix. Central Phoenix is an urban village in the city of Phoenix, the neighborhood has a total of 10 sq. miles (30 Km2) with a population of about 58, 161 and a density of 5,800/sq. mi (2,200/Km2). The village has on its border, Tempe to the east, the salt river to the south and 19th avenue/1-17 to the west. By the virtue of its location at the historic center of Phoenix, old buildings and homes in this part of the neighborhood give it a historical value. The neighborhood of Central City Phoenix is a quiet and safe neighborhood to live and raise a family. The Central city area has a unique urban feel, it is a dog friendly city with plenty of sidewalks and unmatched holiday spirit.

The male population in the city slightly overshadows that of its feminine counterpart, the statistics being 50.85% to 49.15%. The median age is 29.7, and the statistics for residents living in the central city neighborhood includes; a 75.37% ratio of US born citizens and a 17.22% portion of the populace are non-citizens. 

When it comes to employment, the white collar jobs do most of the employment (75.24%) while blue collar jobs fill in the remaining 24.76%. In regards to the aforementioned values, those that are self-employed in the neighborhood occupy 11.9%, private companies employ the bulk which is 72.58%, government employs 8.65%, nonprofit companies employ 6.87%.

Fun locations and Sites to visit in Central City

What fun does this part of the city hold you may want to ask? The central city part is littered with a lot of locations to have fun. The Chase field is a baseball stadium located at 401 East Jefferson Street, a basketball Stadium called the Talking stick resort Arena is also situated at 201 East Jefferson Street. A science museum called the Arizona Science Museum is a nice historical point to visit and also learn history.