Hall of Flame Fire Museum

History is part of our human lives, and the city of Phoenix is the core of Historical sites and locations. The United States of America has over 200 Firefighting Museums, the largest is in Phoenix city and it is called the “Hall of Flame Museum”. The Hall of Flame museum is home to over 100 fully restored pieces of fire apparatus, almost an acre of fire history exhibits and more.


The founder of the Hall of Flame is George F. Getz, Jr. after the Christmas of 1955 he began to acquire fire apparatus for a museum. He founded the hall in the year 1961, the hall was founded with the aim of promoting the programs of a museum which he later named “The Hall of Flame Museum” the museum was intended to be a nonprofit organization and he saw to that. Mr. Getz passed away in 1992, his son Bent and his grandsons continued to serve as members

of the board of trustees and continued to collect and preserve objects related to firefighting and the recognition of firefighters who died in line of duty.

About the Hall of Flame Museum

The Hall of Flame Fire Museum is located at 6101 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 850008-3421. The firefighting museum has on display more than 130 wheeled pieces which dates from as far back as 1725 to this present day. 

The Museum has an impressive galore and collection of badges, alarms, helmets and gear. Visitors can easily spend hours at the museum without realizing it, this because of the size of the museum and the interesting artifacts available on display at the museum.

The museum is arranged in a chronologically order beginning in Gallery one, at gallery one

visitors get to see man powered pumps, the old piece at the gallery is the 1725 Newshan hand pump. At the Museum visitors also get to see on display; fire marks plagues mounted to buildings in the 18 th century to prove it was insured against fire.

The artifacts at gallery two include motorized engines, one of such is the 1924 American

LaFrance. Located behind the 1952 firefighting truck is the Hall of Heroes, the hall is dedicated as tribute to the men and women that died in line of duty. One of the panel at the museum is dedicated to the 19 Grante Mountain hotshots who died at Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona, while the other one is dedicated to those who perished in the disastrous events of 9/11.