Little Dealer Little Prices

In the inspiring city of Phoenix, Arizona, United States has located the “Little Dealer Little Prices”. The establishment is located at 2350 W. Deer Valley Road Phoenix, AZ 85027. The Little Dealer Little Prices is an RV business, the business is one of the largest RV inventories in Arizona. The mission of the business is to delight its customers with “Superior value, caring service and a focus on continual improvement and personal integrity.

Short History of the Little Dealer Little Prices

In the year 1966, a gentleman called Roy and Vivian Sampson started “Arizona States Trailer sales Inc.” with help from his parents. Roy’s mother help inspires the slogan “Little prices little dealer”, customers then got accustomed to the name thereby the establishment decided to change its name to the current one. Four generations of the Sampson family have through the ages handed down the business. The business is still owned and operated by the company. Many workers are considered as family and team members this is because some members have served for up to 40 years at the business.

  • Debbie Brunoforte is the current president and chairman of the board of directors. Her skills and experience in the RV business have guided the business and have flourishe greatly. 

About the Little Dealer Little Prices RV Business

The business organization has and knows everything about RVs. It sells new RVs, used RVs, RV specials, Cargo trailers, truck covers, and other inventories. You can also sell your RV or trade it, the business also has Tow guides, do RV service and sell RV parts. The RV business at Little Dealer Little Prices is one of the best pricing guarantees, they have the best selections of RVs at the best prices. The Little Dealer Little Prices are recognized for their excellent customer services and business practices, the business has been awarded and acknowledged among the top 50 RV dealers.

The business employs only the best and certified professionals, the professionals in the employment of the business include; certified service managers, certified service writers, certified parts managers and certified parts specialists, the use of professionals for all business and repairs is what makes the establishment unique and sets it apart from the rest.

New brands of RVs like the 2021 grand design perfection 150 series 268 BH, 2021 Keystone RV Cougar half-ton 25 Res, Reflection 150 series 260 RV can all be gotten at the business location.