Lookout Mountain

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Facts about the Lookout Mountain Preserve

The Lookout Mountain preserve is a municipal park in the northern part of Phoenix, Arizona. The park is open from 5 AM to 10 PM daily while the trail hours at Lookout Mountain start from 5 AM to 11 PM. The Lookout Mountain preserve is supervised, maintained, and managed by the Phoenix Department of Recreation, this is in line with the Phoenix Preserve system of parks.

  • Geologically. The Lookout Mountain preserve is composed of tertiary Basalt, tertiary sediments, and basalt breccia, these are remains of volcanic eruptions that occurred late in the tertiary period, and therefore it is like a historic site as well.

The Lookout Mountain is one of the small units that make up the Phoenix Mountains preserve. It is located south of Greenway Rd and West of cave Creek road. The lookout mountain preserve has trailheads from the north at 16th street and from the southeast at Lookout Mountain Park.

Features of the Lookout Mountain 

As the name implies, the slope of the mountain is precipitous and a fine view of the city’s top can be seen below from the top of the mountain. The Lookout Mountain has an elevation of 2054 ft. (626 m), the activities at the mountain site include; hiking, mountaineering, and scrambling. The mountain preserve is also open through spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Claims have it that from the “Rock City” point (a part of the Lookout mountain) seven states of the United States could be seen; these states are; Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. The park at Lookout Mountain is completely free and you can drive up the mountain if you so wish, however the Lookout Mountain railway and Rock city parts charge for access to the facilities. The lookout also has the “Lookout Museum” visit to the museum is also free. At the Lookout Mountain preserve there is a gift shop open to the public. Restrooms and parking spaces are also available at the site too. The mountain preserve is also a pet-friendly zone. The hike at the mountain is nickname “ America’s Most Amazing Mile” the hike lasts for an hour.

The Lookout Mountain preserve offers anyone looking to avoid some of the crowd in the city an enjoyable time and experience.