Are you looking for a community that is strategically located with schools and resource centers within a reasonable distance? Then Norterra is the place for you.

Norterra is a community that goes as far back as 2002. It is located in Maricopa county, Phoenix, Arizona. It has however undergone developments over time. It features huge homes that are fairly priced and has a lot of nearby resources for easy living. This community is recommended for those that are looking for single-family homes. The community has diversity in the structure of its homes. There are different structures, ranging through various periods to and style. 

What to expect at norterra

Generally, homes in Norterra are about 185,000 dollars to 710, 000 dollars, and on average, it’s about 147 dollars per square foot. Most of the houses are made up of four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The commonest type of parking in the garage

There are schools which are very close to Norterra, so if you are a parent with kids, you have nothing to worry about. Some of these schools include Norterra canyon k-8, which accepts grades PK-8. There is also the Barry Goldwater high school which accepts students from grades 9-12. There is also the Deer Valley middle school which accepts grades 7-8. Each school is highly rated by the parents in the area. The Shops at Norterra are a combined venture and are adjacent to the USAA corporate campus. It offers more than forty dining options, shopping, professional and non-professional services. It also offers simple routes to downtown phoenix and the suburbs. They are located close to two of the busiest highways the state has, and are within a few miles of deer valley airport.  Some of the shops at Norterra include a steak restaurant, pottery studio bath, and body works, jeweling shops, cafes, a Mexican grill, wax center, e.t.c. 

At Norterra community, there is a Union Park that acts as the heart of North Phoenix. It is strategically located in the Centre of Phoenix and is within a walkable distance to shops, diners, and entertainment. It acts as a magnet drawing together a wonderful interpretation of historical communities with a variety of lifestyle amenities and retail services. The main mind-blowing detail is the 5800, a square-foot exclusive community center that bears a resemblance to a historical farmhouse.

Similar neighborhoods to Norterra are the Boulder Peak Neighbourhood. However, make your way to Norterra first to explore your options.