Papago Vista Apartments

Are you in Phoenix? Or maybe you are already a resident but need to change your apartment, we got just the apartments for you.

Beautiful Apartment for the Right Prices

Papago Vista Apartments is an apartment complex in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona with the zip code 850008. The Papago Vista Apartment is located at 5312 East Taylor St, Phoenix, AZ. The location of the apartment was a deliberate one as it aims to give residents comfort and tranquility. The apartments have up to 135 units/ 2 stories of well deserving rooms, spacious and comfy to the taste of the clients. 

  •   The available apartments at the Papago Vista Apartments include; junior one-bedrooms, medium one bedrooms, two bedrooms, large one bedroom, two bedroom-two baths, and many others. The monthly rents at the apartments are affordable and range depending on the type of apartment in view.

Features and amenities at the Papago Vista apartments

The apartment buildings at the Vista differ in size and features, a junior one bedroom has one bed, one bath, and is 510 Sq. ft. For the comfort of the tenants the apartments have; air conditioning, a ready cable, heating accessories, ceiling fans, and either a tub or a shower. The kitchen accessories available are dishwashers, an efficient waste disposal system, a kitchen, refrigerator, and lots more. The apartments also have walk-in closets, carpets, dining rooms, and vinyl flooring. The medium one bedroom has all of the above-mentioned amenities with a little difference in size, it has 600 Sq. ft. instead of 510 sq. ft. as in the former case.

The large one bedroom has 1 bed, 1 bath and all the accessories the other rooms have. The two bedrooms have one bath and a space of up to 825 sq. ft. Other apartments have 2 bedrooms and two baths and the space of up to 925 sq. ft. featured with all accessories and amenities include at the other apartments.

The Papago Vista Apartments also provide general community amenities like a swimming pool, a fitness center, a laundry facility, and a grill spot. A spa is available, a carved-out area for a picnic, a storage space, a sundeck, and plenty of other package services. A property manager is always on-site to address the needs and concerns of the clients renting the apartments. The Papago apartment has a mission to provide space, comfort, and the best of services to its clients.