Shaw Butte Trail

You can find a lot of points of interest and places to visit around the world but a few

compared to the locations in Phoenix city. Phoenix city is known for its mountains and trails, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the sunrise or sunset from atop the North Mountain and Shaw Butte, Phoenix, Arizona. Let’s dig in.

The Beauty of North Mountain and Shaw Butte

The beauty of North Mountain and Shaw Butte are landmarks peaks in the city of Phoenix and the state of Arizona at large. The North Mountain and Shaw Butte rise up to 2,104 feet and 2,149 feet in elevation. The North Mountain and Shaw Butte area offers summit climbs, and different trails of all

levels and difficult. The site is located at 10608 N 7 th St, the difficulties at the trails range from a barrier-fine nature trail to the moderately difficult, steady climb up Shaw Butte. The hike activities at the trail can take up to two hours to hike a roundtrip. The Northern Mountain is better for sunrise and sunsets to view from the top of the slopes.

Details on the North Mountain and Shaw Butte Preserves

North Mountain and Shaw Butte are two adjacent mountains at the phoenix mountain preserve, in Phoenix, Arizona. The duo mountain preserve is vast and rich with history, there are century campgrounds, abandoned local mines, centuries-old Hokoham Petroglyphs. Shaw Butte Mountain is the taller of the two mountains and also the tallest in the North Mountain Preserve, its elevation of 2149 feet makes North Mountain second at 2104.

Throughout the North Mountain, preserve, you can find a lot of people engaged in different activities. The activities range from hiking, biking, and also horseback riding on the trails. The North Mountain and Shaw Butte preserve have over 20 miles of trails meant for the above activities. Visitors of the trails will find the trails fascinating, the could also witness the dynamic ecosystem of the rich desert includes; saguaro Cacti, Paloverde and Mesquite trees, Creosote

bushes, Coyotes, Javelina, Rattlesnakes, Quail, Cactus, Wrens, and roadrunners.

An area of the Shaw Butte Mountain is also used as a launching ground for hang gliding and paragliding. At the top of the Shaw Butte on the point called “Cloud Nine”, visitors can get a 360 degrees view of the valley. Lucky visitors might encounter wildlife in action, maybe a falcon diving on its prey. The site is also a pet-friendly zone, especially for dogs.