Sonoran Foothills

Are you new in Phoenix, AZ? Or maybe you are thinking of moving to another neighborhood within the city? Well do not bother much, we know the perfect place for you.

The Amazing neighborhood of Sonoran Foothills

The Sonoran Foothill is a neighborhood located in the beautiful city of phoenix. If you are in search of a community with lifestyle and amenities, this is the one for you. The Sonoran foothills are located south of the Carefree Highway off North Valley Parkway, over 800 acres in the rising foothills of North Phoenix.  The estimated population in the neighborhood is around 700 to 1000 inhabitants all living in peace and harmony. The Sonoran foothill offers many different housing styles and options. This neighborhood is perfect for those single or family homes.

In the educational aspect, the Sonoran Foothills has a K-8 public school, Barry Goldwater High school, all of this are under the valley unified school district. The neighborhood is also located near several private schools and educational charters which gives residents plenty of educational options.

Activities, amenities, and places of interest in the Sonoran Neighborhood

There are lots of activities, amenities, and places of interest to explore in this neighborhood. The community center is a beehive for all residents. It has a spacious living room area, a library, a catering kitchen, and a large multipurpose room for hosting special events. Activities organized in the neighborhood include; volleyball, tennis, basketball, swimming, walks on trails, and lots more, all of these activities have adequate facilities provided for them. Other activities include fitness groups, music classes, card games, arts and crafts, bingo nights, and much more. These activities go a long way in improving the bond that is shared between residents of the community. 

Households with kids can find numerous recreational spots, parks, and playgrounds in the neighborhood for their kids. A few of the parks and playgrounds include; Deem hills park, Tramonto East Community Park. Also, there are lots of dining options and food places in the Sonoran foothill community. Coffee can be gotten at Starbucks, Street of New York, you could also have brunch at Fry’s Fuel center which has hot bagels and Deli. Residents of Sonoran Foothills can also order tacos from Chipotle Mexican Grill, visit Chili’s grill and bar, or Red Robin Gourmet Burgers.

The Grocery stores available in the neighborhood include Fry’s Marketplace, Fry’s Grocery Pickup and delivery, and lastly the Albertsons.