South Mountain Park and Preserve

The beautiful city of Phoenix possibly has millions of things you can do and places to visit but without a visit to the South Mountain Park the tour of the city is considered incomplete. The South mountain park is one of the largest municipally managed parks in the nation, the park has more than 50 miles of trails meant for hiking, horseback riding, and even mountain biking.

About the South Mountain Park

The South Mountain Park is located at 10919 Central Avenue, the park is one of the largest city parks in the world and spans over 17,000 acres. The South Mountain Park is a desert Mountain Preserve that is part of the Phoenix mountains preserve that is a part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve System. Entry to the park is free for all visitors.

The park is opened from 5 AM to 7 PM daily, but the trails are open until 11 PM. The South

mountain Park also has maps of the parks provided for visitors, the maps are intended to serve as guides to the visitors in locating parking areas, restrooms, and trailheads.

Features of the park and activities to do

A quite distinct feature of the park is the Dobbin’s lookout. The Dobbins lookout is 2,330 ft. high it is the highest point in the park and is available to the general public. The Dobbins lookout can be accessed by both hiking trails and summit Rd, the location is a beehive as it very popular among popular the tourist and locals alike, the Dobbins lookout also gives an unobstructed panoramic view of the valley. 

Hiking is also one of the many things that bring visitors and residents of phoenix to the park. The park has 50 or more miles of trails that hikers will enjoy. The hike trails (4.5 miles), Bajada trail ( 2 miles), Beverly Canyon trail (1.5 miles), Dessert classic trail ( 9 miles) the Geronning trails (1.6 miles and many others. The South mountain park is a good place to get on a horse and wander around, other people that do hike sometimes visit the park for its beautiful views and scenic drive. Mountain biking is another activity that visitors love to do at the park.

Picnics and barbeques can be enjoyed at the south mountain park, families and friends or even groups can enjoy quiet times at different locations all over the park.