South Mountain Village

South Mountain Village is a neighborhood located in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, United States. The South Mountain village boasts a population of about 132,610 beautiful residents. Living in the South Mountain neighborhood gives its inhabitants a sparse suburban feel, most of the inhabitants own their homes. The neighborhood encompasses all forms of diversity, its social fabric is intertwined by the different beautiful ethnicity, language, cultures, traditions, and lifestyles of different ethnic communities and people living there. Let’s go further!


– The male population stands at 49% while the feminine population is 51%. The median age is 32.6, the city population has a 78.41% of citizens that were given birth to in the country, and it also has an 8.28% of citizens that were not given birth to in the country. The non-citizen population is 13.32%. The employment statistics show that those engaged in white-collar jobs are the most populous in the neighborhood, the have a percentage of 75.04%, blue-collar jobs 24.96%, self-employed 8.53%, private companies 73.78%, and government workers 12% while nonprofit companies have the lowest percentage of 5.69%.

– The number of households in South Mountain village is estimated to be 46,569 with an average of three people in every household, family households are much in number with 71.94% while non-family households have a 28.06%. The average household income stands at a whopping sum of $68, 789, the median household income is $44,140, and these figures have influenced the number of people living above poverty in a south mountain village is an approximate of 85%, while those living below the poverty level complete the remaining 15%. It is also worth noting that the majority of the residents in South Mountain village own their homes (57%) while rented housing stands at 42%. 

The schools in the South mountain neighborhood are above average, the neighborhood has a good number of job employment and housing, also the rate of crime is fairly low.

Where to visit  in South Mountain 

Attraction points are numerous in the neighborhood, most notable is the South Mountain Park, and the park has a 16,000-acre preserve and one of the large Municipal parks in the country. The Liberty Wildlife is another spot everyone should visit.  The scorpion Gulch is a historic site and landmark, golf lovers can take a swing at Rappel Arizona.